For Elected or Appointed Officials

By exploring this site, you have discovered that Florida Bay is an incredibly important estuary and its health is intricately linked to freshwater flows from the Everglades.  The first step in restoring Florida Bay is reviving the wetlands that support this special ecosystem by increasing deliveries of freshwater.  The Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP), authorized in 2000, aims to re-direct freshwater flows that currently damage certain portions of the Everglades ecosystem and deliver them to other parts of the ecosystem suffering from too little water.

Your support for Everglades restoration is needed now more than ever.  We must ensure that built projects are operated so they deliver the ecological benefits they are capable of.  Additionally, one restoration project alone cannot restore an ecosystem.  It will take a multitude of projects that complement and enhance each other in order to return the wildlife abundances to Florida Bay that support both a healthy ecosystem and a fishery and tourism-based economy.  Additional projects must be authorized and funded.  The Audubon Everglades Team stands ready to help you understand the science behind why and how we must act in order to restore Florida Bay.

As an elected or appointed official, become a champion for the Everglades by taking the following actions:

1.      Contact the Audubon Everglades Team at with your specific questions or concerns prior to an important agenda item or vote. Our staff will provide you with up-to-date information and supporting scientific data. In addition, schedule an Everglades issues briefing or a guided tour of Florida Bay.

2.      Subscribe to Restore, Audubon’s online newsletter to keep up-to-date on Everglades and Florida Bay restoration issues.

3.      Support funding for Everglades restoration projects.

4.      Oppose actions or decisions that will negatively impact the restoration of our Everglades.  For example, approving development projects outside urban development boundaries reduces water available for Everglades restoration.

5.      Support efforts to preserve water for our environment.  Water conservation efforts ensure that we preserve enough water for drinking water supplies and the Everglades.

6.      Discover how strongly Floridians support Everglades restoration by reviewing voter opinions on the relationship between Everglades restoration and Florida’s water supply and economy from a recent survey.

7.      Familiarize yourself with the recent Mather Economic Study, “Measuring the Benefits of America’s Everglades Restoration” that revealed for every dollar invested in Everglades restoration, four dollars in economic benefits are generated.

8.      Attend the annual Everglades Coalition Conference in early January where critical and timely issues pertinent to Everglades restoration are discussed and debated in an open forum.

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