Restore the Bay Personal Action Pledge

As part of my commitment to Florida Bay, I promise to do the following:

  • Act responsibly on the water when fishing, boating and diving.
  • Keep informed about important citizen action opportunities to restore the Everglades and Florida Bay by monitoring this web site and receiving Restore action alerts via email.
  • Communicate the importance of Everglades and Florida Bay restoration to elected officials.
  • Reduce my use of fertilizers, non-biodegradable detergents and other chemicals that enter the Bay through stormwater runoff, septic tanks, and washing boats and automobiles.
  • Make my yard environmentally friendly and reduce my household water consumption by planting native plants that are drought tolerant and need no fertilizer.  Keep shorelines naturally vegetated; trim plants at the water’s edge minimally to provide natural filtration and storm stabilization.
  • Pick up pet waste regularly so that it does not wash into the Bay and contribute to water quality problems.
  • Use reusable shopping bags, beverage bottles, etc. to reduce the use of plastics and other wastes near our coastal ecosystem.
  • Share this website and your knowledge about protecting Florida Bay with others.

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 I am committed to the conservation and restoration of Florida Bay.

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