Tell Us Why You Love Florida Bay

Why do you love Florida Bay? Is it the beautiful clear water filled with spectacular game fish? Or sightings of elegant Roseate Spoonbills with their vibrant pink plumage against the blue sky? Do you crave the peace and solitude found among the mangrove shorelines? Whatever your favorite Florida Bay experience, tell us about it! Let us know what you are doing to protect this special place for future generations and how you enjoy it responsibly.

For example, do you use reusable shopping bags to reduce the amount of plastics entering the waste stream? Do you avoid disturbing wildlife when boating on Florida Bay? Have you inspected your septic tank regularly and eliminated landscape fertilizer use to reduce nutrient flow into the sensitive near shore ecosystem? Has your school or group participated in a bay clean-up or bird count?

Submit your Florida Bay story. If you’d like, grab your camera and include a photo or a short video that illustrates your thoughts or story. Entries will serve as examples for others to follow and will be entered into a drawing to win a John James Audubon art print of a bird species found in Florida Bay.

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1. Introduce yourself and name the city where you reside
2. Tell us why you love Florida Bay in writing or through a short video
3. If you have one, add a story about how you or others are protecting or restoring the Bay
4. If you don’t want to speak yourself, interview others that love Florida Bay and are making a difference to protect it
5. You don’t need an expensive camera to submit an entry
6. Be as creative as you would like – poetry, songs and theatrics are all welcome


Prizes for Participation:

There are four different ways to enter your name in the monthly drawings for a magnificent John James Audubon print of a bird species that lives in Florida Bay or a photograph from one of Florida’s best nature photographers.

  1. Submit a video or written entry describing why you love Florida Bay.
  2. Complete the quizzes following the EcoLabs to test your knowledge (one entry per quiz correctly completed).
  3. Subscribe to either the Restore or Advocate newsletter to keep informed of Everglades and Florida Bay issues.
  4. Take the pledge to help restore Florida Bay through your individual actions.

No purchase is necessary.  Register as many ways as you want. Drawings are held on the first Monday of the month and you do not need to be present to win.  Prizes are distributed by mail.

Audubon employees, their family members and Audubon board members are not eligible to win the monthly drawings.

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